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Gosat Industrial Co.,Ltd has headquarters in Hongkong.As a professional satellite equipment manufactuer,our products are including C-Band LNBF,Ku-Band LNB,Dish,Switch,F connectors,Internet products and so on. Based on business development and continuous expansion, we have built a professional technical team and an experienced management system. Moreover, we have accumulated precious experience in research, development and production, and are able to satisfy customers" various needs effectively.

Depends on strong Technology and high quality products,our market are covering Russia,Ukraine and other European countries, Saudi Arabia,DuBai,Eygpt, and other Middle East countries,even India,Indonesia and other Southeast Aisa countries,and South America countries.Our products are very popular,and welcome from our customers.

Now we are working as OEM and ODM for many foreign importers,trading company in mainland.Especially,we can design from 3-22GHz any demand on RF,Microwave product. Meet the satisfy of customers is our responsibility and mission,So please feel free to contact us !

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