GPON, which is easy to install and maintain as the ideal terminal for FTTH transformation. This product has passed the national CCC certification and has obtained a device networking license. Its security specifications and EMC design parameters have surpassed relevant national and industrial standards. Moreover, the average invalid fault time of this product can reach 50,000 hours.

Ø Product Feature:

Ø WiFi:300M+866M

Ø VoIP:Support G.711u/a, G.729a/b, G.722Codec, ITU-T G.168 Echo Cancellation, T.38, G.711 Fax CID

Ø IPv4&IPv6 DS-Lite support

Ø TR-069 remote management

Ø Built-in RF spectrum analyzer

Ø Full band capture tuner

Ø Reliable high-performance platform supporting:Dedicated applications core


Ø Hardware Specification:


Ø Antenna: built-in high gain antenna

Ø Wireless Rate:300M 802.11N+866M 80211AC

Ø Interface:One PON Interface, Three 100M Ethernet interface, One 1000M Ethernet interface, One USB interface, One RJ11 Interface, One IPTV Interface

Ø Power Supply:Input: AC 100V ~ 240V Output: DC 12V 1A

Ø Power consumption:<12W

Ø Button:1*RESET,1*Power ,1*Wireless Switch,1*Indicator Switch

Ø LED:power supply,Optical fiber G,Optical signal,Broadband,Wireless,VoIP,LAN,USB

Ø Temperature:Operating temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃

Ø Humidity:Working humidity: 10% ~ 95% RH No condensation, Storage humidity: 5% ~ 95% RH No condensation

Ø Size:185*136*35mm

Ø Net weight:≤1kg 


Ø Software Specification:

Ø IPv6/IPv4:IPv6/IPv4 Dual Stack, SLAAC, PPPoEv6, ROPng, DHCPv6 Server/Client Side, DHCPv6-PD

Ø Network Security and Management:DDoS Attack Prevention, Port Scanning Prevention, Log, Support Web and Telnet Configuration Management, TR069 Remote Management, Authority Grading Management, Device Discovery and Control.

Ø QOS Capacity:Flow Classification, 802.1P, DSCP, Four Hardware Queues, PQ, WFQ Scheduling

Ø VOIP:Support G.711u/a, G.729a/b, G.722Codec, ITU-T G.168 Echo Cancellation, T.38, G.711 Fax CID, Silence Detection, Silence Suppression, Comfortable Background Tone, DTMF detection and generation, Voice Frame Compensation Function, Gain Adjustment, Dynamic Dithering Cushion, Voice Flow Priority Scheduling

Ø Firewall Security:WPA, WPA-PSK/TKIP, WPA2, WPA2-PSK/AES, Four SSID, WMM, WPS


Ø Other features

Ø GPON Feature:Complied with ITU G.984 series of standards

Ø Rate:2.5Gbps/1.25Gbps

Ø Send wavelength:1310 nm

Ø Receive wavelength:1490 nm

Ø Output optical power:-1~+4dBm

Ø Receiving sensitivity: < -26dBm

Ø The maximum distance between the OLT and the ONU is 20 km

Ø EMC / EMI:Complies with VCCI Class B, FCC Part 15 B

Ø Safety:Complies with UL 60950 safety regulations

Ø Lightning protection against surge voltage protection:ITU-T K.21

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